Wednesday, August 7

SummerChill.013 is here.

I know, I missed you too. 

Here is what you: woman/boy/girl/man with taste out to be listening to this summer, cause really what's the point of updating your tumblr, keeping up with latest fashion trends, dressing up like if you were part of North West's entourage if all you can pull out of your ipod is Souljaboy? 

Don't worry if you're reading those lines, is okay, it's not going to be you because I got your back. Even though I have been missing, I have made sure to give you this time a valuable update that will make up for the last months. In the following playlist of thirty plus songs (the longest to date on this blog) you will find a selection of the chillest stuff out there this summer. (I was about to right 30 lines on how proud I am of this playlist but it speaks for itself). Here's what we're going to do, you download it, you play it and meanwhile read the description below which details why I have chose each single one of them for your listening pleasure. Hope you like it. If not inbox me, I'll make you crepes, you ugly mug.

Ps: I apologise to all the cool cats following closely the music blogosphere if some songs that have been released a couple months earlier and have now become classics have been included in there, I didn't get the chance to post about them when they were still young and fresh and so for some that might have missed them back then I have included a couple here so you can still discover them. Also if you didn't get the chance to download the "blk slope mix" I posted last winter because there was some problem with mediafire it's now again available for download, you can equally read the description for it here.

In order, song - explanation:

Summer Chill .013 (Part 1)

1) Happy by Pharrell - OST of "Despicable Me 2" the level of happiness is high in this one. Big big gem. Also 1st song in a while by Pharrell that isn't a collab.
2) Promise Me (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit) - Chorus goes "I can feel it in the air now", sweet beat: all you need.
3) Punga - If you're a big fan of Bakermat I apologise for including that one cause you obviously know it. If you're not just listen to that saxo little mama.
4) Feel Good (Prod. By JRDN GXNIUS) - Mellow RnB type of sound, purfect.
5) The Sound Of Violence (Franco Cinelli Remix) - Deep house can too be baby making music, 9min 21secs of deep vibrations brought to you be a classic French duo Cassius. (Shout out to Slayer Slan)
6) From Barcelona with love - So deep, Jesus this bass. Minimal perfection.
7) Stars (Jonas Woehl Edit) - What would a good chill playlist be without at least one remix of The XX? Stumbled on that one couple days ago, more deep vibes.
8) Worried Head (Egokind Remix) - Egokind… What to say? That little piano riff that comes and tickle you at 3:40…
9) Go Go Go (Original Mix) - More Egokind and that's fine.
10) Warm Water - Apparently Banks is going to make it big, so watch her closely and check her Soundcloud out for more gems.
11) You Should Know feat Ruckazoid (The Swiss Remix) - Bpm is higher, it's bouncy and fresh a little acid a little disco… It's a Breakbot remix.
12) Heard It From A Friend - Love this song, not usually my type, not usually your type, but it's great, listen to the lyrics.
13) Wolves (Kill Them With Colour Remix) - This song is one of the best in this playlist, everything is on point, go ahead play it in repeat and don't forget to "call me in the morning" (Shout out to Flo).
14) Cape Town (Panama Remix) - Love the start, don't you? Clap, clap, clap…
15) Clean Bandit - Different vibe, but so good.
16) Bad Habit (Alex Metric Remix) - Raspberry Jam.

Summer Chill .013 (Part 2)

17) Giving It All (Radio Edit) - If you haven't heard of Bondax by now, just get out!
18) Ill Be Around (Mark Lower Remix) - Upbeat remix of the new Empire of the Sun with sound of whales in the background: absolutely fantastic mate!
19) Outlines (Pat Lok 'Crayola' Edit) - We saw AlunaGeorge live once at Notting Hill Art Club before Chet Faker came on, couple years back was nothing to brag about, different story now… (Shout out to Helen)
20) Senior Living - Röyksopp was the author of the 1st ever electronic sound I heard when I was kid, glad to have em back here now. This song could easily be used by Tarantino to end a movie once the beautiful girl just killed the bad guy, nah mean?
21) Handshake (Amtrac remix) - This one lit the blog scene on fire, you will love it.
22) Perfect Form feat Shy Girls - Bit of Cyril Hahn? I don't see why not. For all of you lovers out there.
23) Lost in thought - I'm doing you a favour on this one. Nothing new about it. It's actually an absolute old school classic, you probably don't know it. So lay back listen to that original West Coast vibe from the 90's while smoking a Funk Doobiest and get lost in your thoughts.
24) Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar) - Disclosure just released an album and this one song won't probably get noticed by the social music radar amongst all tunes that are already packed in the album, so have a listen, you might like it too. 
25) Farrah Fawcett Hair feat Andre3000 - This song is really different, the structure of it is like a radio. But it's nonetheless very "good shit".
26) Flashed Junk Mind - Intellectual music for the brain. Well rounded. Good atmosphere, fuckin tip top.
27) Made to Stray - I bought the vinyl from this band, that's how much I like them. The whole build up in this song is mental.
28) Your Life, Your Call - If you're a heartbroken lover boy this song is for you. Absolute tune. (Shout out to Señor Freddie Brandush).
29) West Coast Slide - Typical type of summer anthem we girls love.
30) Random Access Memories (Vanderway Edit) - Best Daft Punk remix so far by a mile.
31) You & Me (Flume Remix) - Absolute strawberry jam this one!

Ps*: If on the second time you listen to one of the song in the list you find that it doesn't restart at the beginning of the song but somewhere halfway where you left it, it's because by mistake I have on some of them ticked "Remember Playback Position". To undo that feature, right click the song go into "Get Info" and under the "Options" menu bar undo the ticked box and all will be fine. Sorry about that.

Saturday, February 23

Finally back

Finally MS posts again, I think from now on it's going to be only playlists cause I don't have the time to posts stuff constantly, but let's just say I'm back for now. This playlist was started back in Val d'I and finished down in NYC so there's a mix of different things, chill stuff, Urban Noize etc… Overall they're all really chill tunes I have been listening to over and over the past month so I hope and I'm pretty sure you girls and boyz will appreciate it.

In no particular order, songs - explanations:

1) Freedom Kool (Kabul Edit) - Just this little "Huuuuum" does it for me, sold!
2) Thirteen Thirtyfive (Oilst Remix) - Shout out to Marsh, top chill tune, slow beat.
3) Soldier [Urban Noize Remix] - This Marshall Mathers song just got a lot better.
4) Retrograde - Last minute add up, you'll understand why…
5) This Love (Egokind Edit) - Upbeat lover song, how can you hate on Julia Stone, this edit is too fresh.
6) Killing Switch - Type of indie mellow stuff that goes down smoothly.
7) Pull Me Down (Prod. by Clams Casino & Mikky Ekko) - Clams and Mikky cold production.
8) Lady (Kaytranada Remix) - Shout out Sacheshire, timeless classic remixed.
9) The Anthem - My chinese roommate told me the lyrics do not make any sense, tune…
10) Stay (Them Jeans Remix) - Mikky is just killing it, although the video is gash this song is quality
11) Honey Love Thy Brother Remix - Val Dee Classix, and don't forget to do what makes you tick ;)

(Password: valdee)

Sunday, October 14

Fly Shit

If I were to jump that high I would want to do it whilst listening to this track. Cheers Tim.

Tuesday, October 9

Friday, September 28

Rainy Friday

This morning I had class at nine, it was raining a lot and I walked to uni listening to this. Was grand.

Monday, September 24

Just chill stuff ya know

Seems all I wanna listen to these days, is chill-wave hip-hop and electro, songs than can easily become your everyday soundtrack no matter the situation. Cheers Slan.

Suits OST

Two great tunes I have discovered while watching my new favourite show. I recommend any fans of Tony Stark, Chuck Bass, The Mentalist, Ari Gold and everybody else who just wants to watch a good show to have a look.